We continue to actively monitor the Coronavirus outbeak and are updating our practice policies as needed.

We at Seaside Pediatrics are continuing to monitor the Coronavirus developments in our area. The safety of our patients and their families are our utmost concern. Fortunately children are doing very well handling this virus! However, they can spread the virus to others and our concern extends to all family members as well as to our community.

We would like to keep you informed as to what you, as parents, can do and we, as your children’s health care providers, are doing to keep you all healthy.

First of all, stay calm and listen to the sound advice of the experts. If your child is slightly ill the best place for him or her is likely in your home and we can provide telehealth visits to evaluate and to offer guidace. Most cold illnesses require only supportive care with fluids and rest. Teach them to cough into their elbows instead of into their hands. Have them wash their hands frequently and for a sufficient amount of time (two “Happy Birthday” choruses). The symptoms of COVID-19 are similar to a cold virus with cough, runny nose, a sore throat and fever. However, if your child is experiencing significant symptoms including signs of respiratory distress they should be evaluated either in our office or the ER depending on the severity. For emergencies call 911. For anyone who would like an in person or a telemedicine visit please call to schedule.

We now have a completely separate waiting room with separate entrances in our Bluffton waiting room. There are designated waiting areas to separate the sick and well in the Hilton Head office. We are doing our best to get sick patients back to an exam room immediatley or may ask them to wait in their cars to keep our waiting rooms as empty as possible.

Our receptionists are screening all healthy and sick patients for COVID-19 exposure and for symptoms. For respiratory symptoms with fever you may be asked to wait in your car with your chid and a provider will examine your child outside of your car in the back of the office or in the parking lot. If we have examined your child and think it is appropriate we will test with a rapid coronavirus antigen test in our offices.

For children or parents with fevers or if there are multiple siblings and an exam room is not immediately available, you may be asked to wait in your car until there is an exam room. We will take your cell phone number and call you when your room is available. If possible we are asking parents to have only one healthy parent bring the child with the appointment and leave siblings at home.

We have removed all of the toys, books and magazines from our offices so please bring your own to entertain your children.

It is important to keep your children healthy and up to date on their vaccines. We will be devoting more early morning hours to health visits of babies and young children.  Babies and children older than six months qualify for a Pfizer or Moderna covid vaccine. These can be obtained at the local pharmacies.


During the coronavirus pandemic it is important to continue to maintain the best healthcare for your children. We understand that at this time many people may be uncomfortable with scheduling an in-office visit.  While we recognize that there is no replacement for the face-to-face in person visits, we will do our best to continue caring for your children by conducting well visit and sick visits via telemedicine (face-to-face via computer or phone). Our doctors, physician assistant and nurse practitioner will be available Monday through Friday to assess your child and provide guidance and treatment recommendations over the phone or computer.  Telemedicine visits should be covered by insurance companies but extent of coverage may vary based on individual insurance plans.

Please call our office to schedule your telemedicine visit. Have your children keep on on their exercise going outdoors, to the parks, to the beach or indoors with various on-line exercise videos. Keep routines as much as possible and avoid excessive screen time, media exposure or scary discussions about the virus. Children can become very anxious and they need your reassurance to stay calm. Together we can get throughout this and keep us all healthy!

The latest covid guidelines can be found on the CDC website.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to call our office at 843-757-8663. Our cell phone for after hours emergent care is 843-422-9464.